Miramar Beach



Considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the Gulf of Mexico and with an extension of approximately 10 km long, Miramar Beach is certified by the cleanliness of its waters, and the excellent characteristics of fun and relaxation of its hotel zone. On its gentle slope, you can enter the sea with the security of enjoying a relaxing swell. You will not want to get out of the water.

Canal de la Cortadura



The ‘Canal de la Cortadura’ is a body of water that connects the Panuco River with the Carpintero Lagoon, located in the heart of Tampico.

It measures 1,600 meters aproximatelly and recently two Pontones were acquired to offer a ride in this beautiful site of the port.

Carpintero Lagoon



Located in the heart of the city of Tampico is the Laguna del Carpintero, an aquatic environment surrounded by a mangrove with an approximate area of 150 hectares and habitat of a great fauna such as birds, crabs, turtles and crocodiles in an urban environment. It is connected to the Pánuco River by the ‘Canal de la Cortadura’ and has a maximum depth of six meters.

The Carpintero Lagoon is the most visited family outing, with track for bicycles and jogging, zip line, crocodile and iguana viewpoint, park with velarias, jetty and children’s games. Traveling through its circuit, you can access the Metropolitan Cultural Space or the Convention Center through a pedestrian bridge, from which you can contemplate the water horizon with the city drawn in the distance.




The boardwalk is located at the end of Playa Miramar. With an extension of almost a kilometer and a half long, it was built to delimit the junction between the Pánuco River and the Gulf of Mexico.

Boats entering and exiting through the mouth, dolphins plying the waters and birds of different types touring the air with their flight, are part of the natural spectacle that this unforgettable tour offers daily.

From the Malecon, also known as “Las Escolleras”, you can see the exact point where the Pánuco River and the Gulf of Mexico melt their waters in a single blue and green tone.

Plaza de Armas



Also known as Plaza de la Constitución, the Plaza de Armas in Tampico is one of the most emblematic places in the historic center, it is next to the Cathedral and the Municipal Palace, buildings with beautiful facades and neo-classical architecture.

At the center of the square stands a pink quarry kiosk dating from 1945 with a baroque style and is known as “The Pulpo” for its peculiar 8 arms in the form of a key Fa, where the municipal band offers concerts to visitors of the area. Across the country, there is no such kiosk or at least, similar. You’re going to love it!